Keeping Life in Balance

It’s been almost four weeks, and with a new job and a new home, it’s been easy to get a little off-balance. With new friends who I just can’t wait to spend time with, or from the wine I’m dying to try/drink to ease my mind after a stressful day… I’ve found myself feeling on the verge of losing myself. All the progress…strength…peace…love…&…balance I’ve been able to find in the last three years of my soul searching life; I feel myself so close to once again getting lost in the false facade of life. When I had a new friend mention how balanced she observed me to be, I was reminded that all the beautiful attributes of truth and love are a choice…to feel them, to prioritize them…to put myself first…this is all one big daily moment-to-moment choice. So today I re-commit to choosing myself. And once again, I’m ready to conquer the world.


photo credits: the gifts of life
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Time Happens…Love Persists

154. The number of days since I’ve written here.

So many reasons and explanations as to why it’s been so long…varying from busy-ness to tragedy…and with each passing day I’ve felt a little bit guilty and remiss that I was neglecting the avenue through which I expressed and experienced the love and joy of life. Winds are shifting, and I’m about to begin a new chapter in this life. Part of that next chapter involves more regular posts here. I promise. In fact, I’m committing myself to it. If I’ve learned anything from some of the experiences I’ve had in the last 154 days, it’s that time doesn’t wait for you to get your stuff together. Time is limited and finite. You can’t wait for love to show up in your life. You have to show up for love. And…

It’s time I start showing up. I hope you’ll join me.


photo credits: hellonaomi & smittenstudio


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Tripping Out & “Escaping to…” w/ SB Chic

Today I’m tripping out in total joy! In just a few days I’ll be heading out of town for a little fun in the sun…and plan on enjoying long walks, copious cocktails, and generous gifts of gab. There’s nothing in this world I love more than to travel, and nothing that can bring on the feelings of freedom and luxury more than a much needed vacay. Don’t worry…recaps and pictures from my upcoming adventure are sure to come. But until then, and in case you’ve missed my recent “Escape to…” contributions via Santa Barbara Chic, here’s a recap of our last few weeks…

… /Cuba/ * via Jose Villa Photography

… /Bali/ * via Beaux Arts Photographie

… /Riomaggiore/ * via Patrick Moyer Wedding Photography

… /Cotswalds/ * via Beaux Arts Photographie

… /Costa Rica/ * via Josh Gruetzmacher

… /Lake Como/ * via Patrick Moyer Wedding Photography

Ahh…I feel like I’m in heaven! Tell me, ’cause I’d love to know…where have you all been escaping to lately?

I know for each of you a blessed and happy weekend! See you, Monday! xo ~cynthia


photo credits: personal photo via mobile
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Happy American Independence Day: 2012

*I am an American; free born and free bred, where I acknowledge no man as my superior, except for his own worth, or as my inferior, except for his own demerit.* ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Today as we celebrate the birth of our nation, may we remember that just because we are given the great gifts of freedom in the rights and liberties we hold as citizens…it does not mean we live free. True freedom comes at the degree to which we allow the gifts of our liberty to unfold within our lives. Today…choose to LIBERATE yourself in love.


photo credits: one-love photography


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Feel The Life: Summer Solstice 2012

Today officially marks the beginning of summer with the summer solstice…and for me, a new blog column called *Feel The Life*, which focuses on living within the feeling of my dream life. The universe works in mysterious ways, and always manifests those things we emotionally yearn for the most. And for me, I’m choosing to yearn for the positive, and this blog column will express just that.

I’m beyond peaceful, and completely in awe…especially with this gorgeous new bracelet that was a gift from my future love. I can just imagine it now….we laugh and drink until the night sky arrives, toasting to the many summer nights to come. Ahhh…perfection!

Tell me…what does your future feel like?


photo credits: netaporter & miha matei photographyherriott grace & kara ross
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